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White Lightning

Name: White Lightning (Fireball) 14402​

Built:  Willum Mouat in 1993

Owned and Sailed by: Willum Mouat, crewed by Drew Ward for the first three seasons, Matthew Chapman for one season and, since 1998, by Neil Fraser

Club: Lerwick

Inter-Club Sailing Details: Winner of 95 trophies from 1993 including: 9 Cruester Cups, 13 Scalloway Boating Club Trophies, 10 P&O Trophies, 14 Unst Dinghy Tropies, 11 Team Race Trophies, 9 Thulecraft Cups, 12 LHD Cups, 9 Noost Cups and 8 Adamson Cups.

Note: White Lightning is the single most successful competitor in the history of the Inter-Club Regatta.  White Lightning is a Classic Fireball and was 2014 European Champion at Classic Level.


IC dinghies 11.08.19 057.JPG
White Lightning at Inter-Club 2016.JPG
IC dinghies 11.08.19 035.JPG
IC dinghies 11.08.19 041.JPG
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