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Shetland Inter - Club Yachting Association

Commodore – Mr R Goudie, Tel: 01595 690202

Vice-Commodore – Mr T Dobson, Tel: 01595 830357

Treasurer – Mrs B Forrest, Tel: 01595 810601

Secretary, Mr D Irvine, Tel: 01806 522476



Press Statement

4 July 2022

Shetland Inter-Club Yachting Association has decided to organise a scaled down regatta to run from 11th to 14th August 2022. This decision has been taken subject to sufficient entries in the racing categories which are Shetland Models (including Dipping Lug), Dinghies and Mirror Dinghies. The closing date for entries is 24 July 2022. Entry forms are available from today (see contacts below) as are the details of the scaled down sailing programme, which places more emphasis on weekend sailing activity.

Inter-Club Commodore Roger Goudie said that the pandemic has affected the sport of sailing very badly with little activity over the past two seasons. He hopes that getting the Inter-club Regatta going again will help encourage more individual club racing and reverse the decline in the sport which has very clearly set in.



 Roger Goudie, Inter-Club Commodore - 01595690202 -

 Douglas Irvine, Inter-Club Secretary - 01806522476 -    

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