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The 2022 Outline Race Programme will be:



Thursday 11th August 2022


18.00 - North Challenge Cup - Shetland Models


Friday 12th August


14.00 - Stout Cup followed by Theodore Andrew Cup and Murray Cup for Dipping Lug


18.00 - John Stewart Trophy - Shetland Models


Saturday 13th August


10.00 - Smith Cup - Shetland Models


10.00 - Mirror Dinghy Trophy followed by the Bertie Mowat Memorial Cup


11.30  - WBC Trophy (Team Race) - Shetland Models


11.40 - Challenge Race Tropy - Non teamed Shetland Models


14.00 - Peter Smith Cup - Shetland Models


14.00 - S.I.Y.A. Cup (Mirror Dinghy Team Race) followed by Jeanette Williamson Memorial Cup.


Sunday 14th August


10.00 - Scalloway B.C. Inter-club Dinghy Trophy followed by LHD Cup (team race)


14.00 - Unst Dinghy Trophy followed by Thulecraft Cup


Both the Dinghy and Mirror Dinghy programmes may include additional races if time and conditions permit.

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