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Name: Solus L99

Built by: Brydon Leask

Owned and Sailed by: Brydon Leask with crew including Keith Dalziel

Club: Lerwick

Inter-Club Sailing Details: Winner of 69 Inter-Club Trophies from 1999 including 4 Memorial cups (with Verve and Eilidh in 1999, with Verve and Chicane in 2000, with Vela and Chicane in 2012 and 2019), 9 International Paints trophies, 9 John Stewart Memorial Trophies, 5 Devon Bowls, 8 Linklater Cups, 12 team races, 3 Andrew Johnston Cups, 4 Peter Smith Cups, 5 Smith Cups and 5 North Challenge Cups.

Notes: Solus is currently the second most successful Shetland Model in the history of the Inter-Club Regatta, behind by just three trophies.

Brydon Leask has also won 22 trophies with Fireball Harum Scarum and a further 6 with Fireball Drama Queen.

Helmed by Michael Tait in 2019.

Solus at Inter-Club 2018.JPG
IC dinghies 11.08.19 041.JPG
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