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Margaret SY2


Club: South Yell, then Delting


Built by: Davie Leask, c. 1880’s


Owned and Sailed by: Davie Clark Jnr, Davie Clark Snr, crewed at times by Ian Clark, Ogilvy Brown, Fraser Jamieson, Tommy Clark, Hamish Johnson, Alistair Irvine, Douglas Irvine


Inter-Club Sailing Details: winner of the Stout Cup in 1984-85 and the Murray Cup in 1981, in dipping lug rig.


Note: Margaret was a working Shetland Model boat owned originally by Margaret Scollay in Vatster, she was bought by Bobby Tulloch and Charlie Willie Smith and converted for racing in the North Isles, sailed by Davie Clark Snr. Davie Clark Jnr bought the Margaret and he and his father rebuilt her to be more competitive. After racing as a second class and dipping lug racer in the North Isles, Margaret competed regularly in Westside Regattas in the 1980’s until being replaced with Perhaps in 1988.

Photographs needed.


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