Fern W2

Built by: Johnnie Bruce

Owned and Sailed by: Sandy Anderson (Quarry, Symbister)

Club: Whalsay

Inter-Club Sailing Details: Winner of 11 Inter-Club trophies mostly in the early years, including 6 Dipping Lug races (5 Stout Cups and I Theodore Andrew Cup), 2 North Challege Cups and 3 Memorial Cups.

Note: While Fern was a regular cup winner in the 1940’s and early 1950’s, the boat won its last dipping lug cup in 1972.

Photos and more boat and crew details needed.



The Fern with Sandy Anderson at the helm at the Inter-Club Regatta in 1953. Note the new Bermudan mailsail made by Sandy. An early innovation for the Regatta.

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